Fair Oaks Police and Fire Rescue Stations

Combining and Expanding Local Police and Fire Stations
Fair Oaks, Virginia

Following an initial planning study, we designed a major renovation and several additions to the Fair Oaks police and fire stations, doubling the existing square footage for police functions. Our design approach used several programmatically required additions to transform the exterior of the aging building into one unified structure with an identifiable entry.



Four carefully planned phases of construction enabled a fully operational police and fire station during construction. A new, two-story addition to the existing police wing allowed the current staff to be moved into the new building, while the existing interior was gutted and building systems were replaced or improved. 

The most visible additions to the Fair Oaks Station are a new training room and an entry tower on the front of the existing police wing. The tower addition draws more attention to the public entry of the building and serves to keep the public functions separated from the more secure police activities. A wing for female fire personnel was also added. Our team restored a vehicular police sallyport that had been turned into office space, while relocating an existing shared fueling station and the fire department’s vehicle extraction area to create additional parking. 

One challenge our team faced was the high-density development on a steeply sloped site, which would have severely impacted the stormwater management systems. Our civil and stormwater management team reengineered the systems to meet the requirements of the new facility. 

We provided an array of services, including architecture, interior design, site/civil engineering, surveying, structural engineering, landscape architecture, security/technology design, and construction administration. 


Fairfax County, Virginia

Square Footage

42,100 SF


$7.6 million


  • Architecture
  • Engineering
  • Geospatial, Mapping and Survey
  • Planning, Consulting and Advisory


  • Community Facilities


  • Mid-Atlantic