The LMD provides an efficient, transparent, and flexible logistics capability to procure and deliver goods and services that support disaster response and recovery for survivors and communities after a disaster. It delivers the right resources to the right places and time in support of state, local, and tribal governments and territories.

The TTHU program, within the LMD, selected Dewberry to perform project management and oversight of construction services to support FEMA’s direct housing missions. Project oversight work under the contract may include surveying, debris cleanup, site grading, site utility infrastructure, water distribution systems, electrical services, construction fencing, and work on roads, surfaces and pads. Other work may include performance of area feasibility determination, design package preparation, and other components of FEMA’s direct housing mission.

Dewberry has received its first two task orders under the contract to perform work for the Typhoon Yutu Disaster Housing Construction Planning Support. The firm will assist with the development of executable operational plans for providing disaster housing within affected areas and conduct 1,050 housing assessments on Saipan and Tinian Islands located in the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands.